What is Streaming;

The streaming is service that used for the process continuous, real-time relay mutlimedia content audio or and video, to multiple users, over internet.

The main reason that streaming occurs and is used widely, is the ability for live access to content, and possibility direct playback files that are too large to download for users with slow connection. Is used for recreational, informational and educational purposes and for purposes of communication and advertising.

How is performed?

The files to broadcast is audio or video format that is compressed so as to achieve the lowest possible bandwidth requirements during transmission. The Media Servers are the ones who take the process of content transmission from the source of file to multiple users.

What is required by the end user, is a player (eg Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, etc.), which decompresses the information and reproduce with the image and sound format.
In GRCast provide the most reliable streaming servers with 99.9 % guaranteed uptime to companies or individuals who are looking for professional and reliable service broadcasting online broadcasts. We provide direct and secure audio streaming, at the best prices in the market. The packages form a wide range of choices for meet the needs of your pocket, and your customers.
The GRCast with Audio Streaming packages, enables the live broadcast, live broadcast, live radio. Choose one of the packages, depending on the maximum number of listeners that suits your needs and in a few minutes your music will be heard LIVE on the internet.
Through Shoutcast Streaming technology, you can get reliable stream for the more widespread player such as Windows Media Player and Winamp, with full support aac + for high quality audio at a low bitrate.


Features streaming:

  • Stream / Listener Status
  • Intro / Backup Feature
  • Autodj
  • Graphical Statistics
  • Support AAC +
  • 99.9 % Uptime Guarantee Network

Greek Servers with high speed network.

All the Streaming packages of GrCast are hosted in Greek Datacenters and enable you to take advantage of high speed network with the least possible delay.